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Fluoropolymer Industry FAQs

Are fluoroplastics used in 3D printing?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, manufacturers of 3D printing machines once faced a problem when they found that the tubing that was designed to carry the input plastic filament to the nozzle head was cracking.

The tubing also lacked lubricity, which was not ideal for the intended application.

Since then, the tubing has been widely replaced with PTFE tubing, a material with a very low coefficient of friction.

PTFE proved to be highly successful, while PFA and FEP extrusions are also now used for their excellent chemical inertness.

Why are fluoropolymers used in electrical insulation?

Fluoropolymers and fluoroplastics are very well suited to applications that require safe electrical insulation because they can withstand extreme temperatures.

The materials are also very strong, even in harsh environments that involve a combination of severe heat and abrasion.

Fluoropolymers and plastics can be used to manufacture a number of electrical insulation products, including hermetic motor insulation, multi-lumens, precision slot liners and heat shrink splicing technology.

Are fluoropolymers ever used in military applications?

Yes, absolutely. One of the areas in which fluoropolymers are widely used us military communications.

The equipment used for military communications has to withstand some extreme conditions, which is why high-performance materials are essential.

In most cases, PVDF and PFA extrusions are used in the fabrication of this type of equipment because these materials perform very well in extreme environments and are very reliable when it comes to maintaining the function of military communication tools.

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