5 types of fluoropolymer tubing

At Altaflo, we offer a wide range of fluoropolymer products, all of which are made with 100 percent virgin grade, high-performance resins.

Here are just some of the tubing options we have on offer — read on to find out a little more about each of these materials …

  1. PTFE tubing

    The most flexible of all the fluoropolymer tubing currently available, PTFE also has the broadest temperature range of any material of its kind. It can also resist highly corrosive liquids and gases, even at extremely elevated temperatures. Thanks to its smooth finish and low coefficient of friction and lubricity, this type of tube is ideal for bushing and bearing applications. It’s also well-known for its non-stick surface finish, low permeability and excellent chemical properties. Find out more about PTFE tubing.

  2. FEP tubing

    FEP tubing is a popular and economical choice when it comes to applications that require chemical resistance as well as broad temperature exposure. This type of tube offers excellent clarity, making it ideal for sight glass and a range of other monitoring applications. It’s also worth noting that FEP tubing has an outstanding UV transmission rate, which makes it a good choice for UV water purification systems, both in straight lengths and coiled hose constructions. We offer FEP tubing made from virgin grade, high-performance resin, which is resistant to stress cracking and chemically inert to most industrial chemicals and solvents. Find out more about our FEP tubing.

  3. PFA tubing

    PFA tubing is a great choice for those looking for a material that is chemically resistant, and that can withstand high-temperature exposure. PFA tubing is generally suitable for even the most demanding applications, and it actually has an even higher thermal stability than FEP tubing. The tubing is characterized by its translucency, as well as its moisture absorption of almost zero. Notably, this type of pipe is FDA compliant for food contact. Find out what kinds of applications PFA tubing can be used for.

  4. PVDF tubing

    This type of tubing is an abrasion resistant material and is suitable for use in applications that require chemical resistance with low permeability. In fact, the Altafluor 500 PVDF tubing is the most abrasion and temperature resistant of all the PVDF products that are currently available. The tubing also offers excellent mechanical strength when in use with many chemicals and solvents. Also, thanks to its extremely low extractable levels, it’s an excellent choice for use in ultrapure water systems. To find out more about the specifications of the PVDF tubing that we have available, please read more by visiting the PVDF tubing page

  5. MFA tubing

    MFA is similar both in terms of characteristics and performance to PFA, although it has superior clarity over standard PFA products. Like PFA resins, MFA provides very good stress crack and chemical resistance. Its purity levels are excellent and are generally equal or better than most PFA resins. Plus, the ultra smooth surface finish of MFA makes the material ideal for applications that require quick and easy clean outs. MFA tubing is a great option for any application that involves UV transmission and visible spectrums and is often a very cost-effective option for chemical applications that don’t exceed 480˚F. Find out more about the MFA tubing that we offer and how it can be used by visiting the MFA tubing page.

We are able to quickly and cost-effectively produce custom items from each of these fluoropolymer resins to meet your particular requirements. We also offer custom variations on all of our standard products, including coiled hose, precision cutting, custom packaging, custom assembly, private labeling, surfactant cleaning, DI rinse and nitrogen purge. For more information on our custom services, have a look here or get in touch.

If you’re ready to make an order, please take a look at our ordering information here. Please bear in mind that we do have minimum order requirements, but if you or your client needs to place an order below the minimum, we can accommodate you by adding a small ‘below minimum fee’ to your sales order. We are also happy to accept returns of standard product, provided it is unused and in the original packaging complete with the labels. Please get in touch if you have any questions about this.

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