The difference between pipes and tubes

Pipes and tubes might look similar, but there are some key differences setting these materials apart.

Here are the basics…

The shape and size

One of the key differences between pipes and tubes is their shape. While tubes are often available in a variety of shapes, including square, rectangular and cylindrical, pipe is always cylindrical or round. While round tube and pipe can look very similar at first glance, their dimensions are very different.

In terms of sizing classifications, pipes are measured by their inside diameter, also known as the nominal diameter. Tubes, however, are classified in terms of their wall thickness and outside diameter size. The outside diameter of pipe never changes, but the inside diameter does.

Pipes also generally accommodate large applications, while tubes are typically used in applications that require smaller diameters.

The rigidity differs

Pipes tend to be rigid and are generally fairly resistant to bending. Tubes, on the other hand, can be either rigid or flexible depending on the type and intended application.

Their uses are not the same

Pipes are often used to transfer liquids and gases, and for this reason, are created to withstand high pressures. Tubes, however, are often used for structural applications.

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