How are fluoropolymers used in fluid management?

Altaflo produces high performance fluoropolymer and fluoroplastic tubing and pipes that allow our clients to transport critical fluid with confidence.

At Altaflo, we manufacture our range of products with the use of virgin grade high performance resins to ensure that they provide the best physical properties for their intended application. Critical fluid transportation and handling requires only the best quality tubing and pipe. Read on to find out more about how our products are used in the industry…

Why are our products suited to critical fluid management?
All of our tubing and pipes have extremely high purity extrusions, which makes them ideal for the handling of highly corrosive and sensitive fluids. The manufacture of our products takes place in environments that are highly controlled to ensure the quality is of a suitable standard and that all of our tubes and pipes can be used safely and efficiently.

Which of our products are suited to critical fluid management?
We offer a wide range of products that can be used in the critical fluid management industry. These include:

PFA tubing
PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) tubing is an extremely useful material when it comes to the transport, handling and overall management of critical fluids thanks to its excellent chemical resistance. PFA is made from the highest molecular weight resins, giving it superior physical properties and making it suitable for even the most demanding applications. The material has very good surface smoothness and, because of its unique molecular structure, it is able to provide protection against micro contamination. PFA also boasts very good mechanical strength even at very high temperatures.

FEP tubing
FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) is an excellent choice for applications that require chemical resistance in combination with broad temperature exposure. FEP tubing and pipe also offer very good clarity, making them ideal for sight glass and other flow monitoring applications.

Our Altafluor 200 FEP tubing and pipe is chemically inert to most industrial chemicals and solvents and has a very low vapor permeability. Its unique set of properties makes the material suitable for a wide range of applications that involve critical fluid management, including chemical processes, aquatic and laboratory applications, UV water purification systems, ground water monitoring, and food processing.

THV tubing
THV (tetrafluoroethylene-hexafluoropropylene-vinylidene fluoride) is the most flexible of the fluoropolymers that are currently available. It also offers excellent optical clarity, as well as great chemical and environmental resistance.

At Altaflo, we offer THV FLEX, which is ideal for use in applications that require good UV light transmission combined with the safety and flexibility of plastic. The material is available in a variety of different compositions, each of which is designed for specific performance values. Some applications for which THV FLEX is well suited include automotive fuel transport systems, chemical processes and laboratory work.

Dual containment tubing
Dual containment tubing is a very useful product in the transport and management of critical fluids, especially in cases where low levels of chemical extractables and high continuous service temperatures are required. In fact, dual containment tubes are often the preferred choice for semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other critical chemical systems.

At Altaflo, we offer Altafluor 480 UHP PFA dual containment tubing, which provides users with an integrated flow solution for critical processes where high purity and safety are key concerns. The inner tube is made from 100 percent virgin Daikin AP231SH UHP PFA resin, which ensures excellent performance in critical and aggressive applications, while the outer tube is made from 100 percent virgin grade FEP to provide excellent clarity and enhanced protection against product damage, as well as personal injury.

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