Some (unexpected) uses of fluoroplastics

Fluoroplastics are used in many industries around the world.

Fluoroplastics have a wide range of applications and are used in a number of industries. While at Altaflo we provide the material in the form of pipes and tubing, the versatile product is also used in some unexpected places. Read on to find out about some of the lesser-known ways in which different types of fluoroplastics are used…

Dental engineering

Did you know that FEP tubing is sometimes used in the world of dental equipment? The material, which is very durable, is used to place dental crowns. It is often necessary to fill a tooth with material following root canal therapy to support the internal structure of the tooth, and FEP actually helps to achieve a stable, and firm dental crown.

Protective garments

Thanks to their heat resistant properties, fluoroplastics are often used as a coating on protective garments to protect people from chemicals that are corrosive, alkaline or acidic. Fluoroplastics are also an essential material when it comes to the manufacture of fire-retardant fabrics that are used in a range of industries.

Aviation industry

PTFE is used widely in the aviation industry, and in the building of aircrafts specifically, because of its properties like heat resistance and the fact that is it non-flammable. Some of the applications of PTFE in the aviation industry include cable insulation, surface protection for doors, and the assembly of fuel hoses. PTFE is also used in the manufacture of aircraft wings and landing flaps.

At Altaflo, we offer a range of high-performance fluoropolymer and fluoroplastic tubing and pipe. All of our products are manufactured with 100 percent virgin grade resin to provide the best physical properties for your application.

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