What are fluoroplastics?

At Altaflo, we offer a range of high performance fluoroplastic tubing and pipe.

We manufacture our products using 100% virgin grade resins to ensure they provide the best physical properties for your application.

Here’s what you need to know about fluoroplastics:

What are fluoroplastics?

Fluoroplastics refers to a group of materials in which the molecules contain both carbon and fluorine. Because the plastics contain fluorine, they tend to have high-quality properties. They can withstand very high working temperatures, have an extremely high resistance to chemicals and solvents, are non-stick, and have very high electrical resistance. For this reason, fluoroplastics have a diverse range of possible applications.

What kinds of fluoroplastics are available?

At Altaflo, we offer a number of fluoroplastics. These include:

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

PTFE is the most flexible fluoroplastic available. It also has the broadest temperature range of any material of its kind, and can resist highly corrosive liquids and gases even at elevated temperatures. PTFE was the original Teflon material developed.

PTFE won’t melt when it is heated, which means that it can be quite difficult to process. Very specialised techniques are required to work with this material.

Fluoroethylenepropylene (FEP)

With many similar properties to PTFE, FEP has a lower maximum operating temperature. It does, however have very good chemical resistance and offers excellent clarity.

Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA)

PFA was developed as a version of FEP with higher temperature resistance. It is suitable for a wide range of very demanding applications, thanks to its extreme chemical resistance.

Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)

PVDF is an abrasion resistant material and is suitable for use in applications that require chemical resistance with low permeability.

What uses do they have?

Thanks to the superior properties of fluoroplastics, they can be used in a wide range of applications. They are typically very resistant to high temperatures, and because they don’t melt, and are non-corrosive to most chemicals and solvents, fluoroplastics are often used in heated process in laboratories and manufacturing environments.

Fluoroplastics are non-toxic, and as such, are often used in food, beverage, cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical industries. All of our products are FDA-approved, which means that they are compliant for these types of applications.

Which one should I choose?

At Altaflo, we offer a range of fluoroplastics, each of which is slightly different in function and composition. If you have any questions about which type is best for your particular project, please get in touch and we will advise you of the product that is most appropriate. If you need something custom-made, we are also able to quickly and cost-effectively produce items from our fluoroplastic resins to meet your requirements.

For a full list of the products on offer at Altaflo, read more here. We produce innovative and high-performance tubing and pipe suitable for use in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Please remember that when you are making an order, minimum order requirements do apply. However, if you or your customer needs to place an order below the minimum, we are happy to accommodate you by adding a small “below minimum fee” to the sales order.  Our large inventory allows us to make same-day shipments on most of our orders, so let us know if you or your client is in a hurry!

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