What is nitrogen purging?

For all applications that require the highest purity levels, we offer our exclusive ALTAPAK option, which includes a surfactant cleaning, DI rinse, as well as a nitrogen purge.

The process is performed within a class 100 clean-room environment and is typically performed on high purity PFA tubing or pipe. It can, however, also be performed on other fluoropolymer products. Nitrogen purging forms an important part of this service — here’s what you should know about the process…

What is nitrogen purging, exactly?

Nitrogen purging is essentially a method of air-cleansing. The process is performed in order to make sure that no traces of harmful gases and contaminants remain in a certain space. This helps to restabilise a particular environment and prevent issues associated with dangerous toxins. In the case of pipes and tubes, nitrogen is run through to eliminate any unwanted components, and to prepare them for exposure to various chemicals and/or gases.

What kind of applications is nitrogen purging used for?

Nitrogen purging is often performed in cases where it is necessary to optimise the effectiveness of pharmaceutical applications, as it helps to eliminate the growth of microbes, minimises corrosion, and preserves proper pH levels. The process may also be used in order to get rid of toxic gases from various process chambers; to purge volatile substances within chemical applications; and within metal fabrication contexts, where welding materials like stainless steel, titanium and nickel require sanitation from unwanted water vapour, oxygen and other gases that could be problematic when welding.

Why do we use nitrogen?

Nitrogen is a substance that has a number of applications and can be used for a wide range of reasons. In fact, the colourless, odourless gas is used in a variety of industries for its ability to create a safer environment — from oil and chemical industries, to beer brewing and pharmaceutical applications.

The nitrogen that we use is non-combustible, which means that it can displace combustible gases and prevent an unstable atmosphere. The gas works by displacing moisture, oxygen, and any unwanted or hazardous gases to create a more stable, inert nitrogen atmosphere. The goal, ultimately, is to clean pipes and any other components that may contain dangerous contaminants. This reduces the risks associated with the presence of these contaminants, improving the purity levels of your chosen materials.

At Altaflo, we offer an option known as ALTAPAK.  For more information on how the process works and if it is right for your particular needs, please get in touch with our sales department here. It’s generally a great option for applications that require the highest purity levels and can be performed on high purity PFA tubing or pipe, as well as other fluoropolymer products.

Besides nitrogen purging, DI rinse and surfactant cleaning, we also offer a number of custom services. All of our Altaflo products are available in coiled configurations, which we will manufacture to your specifications. We also provide precision cutting services with high speed rotary cutting equipment; custom packaging in a variety of length and style options; custom assembly for heat forming, flaring, slitting and sub-assembly packaging; and private labelling and boxing.  To find out more about these services, visit our custom services page or get in touch with us — we would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

To see a full list of the products we have on offer, have a look here. For all the ordering information you need to know, including minimum orders; terms; packaging details; and our return policy, have a look here.  Alternatively, you can download our ordering information sheet here.

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