What is PVDF?

PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) is an abrasion resistant fluoropolymer that can be used in a number of applications that require chemical resistance with low permeability.

It is one of the most commonly used coatings currently available on the market and is used in both commercial and industrial contexts. Thanks to its stability and excellent resistance, it is often a popular choice. Here are some of its most sought-after features…

A durable coating

PVDF coatings are resin based and are often chosen for projects that call for particularly hard-wearing coatings that are resistant to fading, UV damage and general weathering. PVDF can be used in a range of applications, from chemical processes and water process systems, to aquariums, ozone and semiconductors.

Excellent chemical resistance

PVDF really does have an amazing chemical resistance and will maintain its durability against a wide range of acids, bases and solvents. Our PVDF products are made from 100 per cent virgin grade high performance resins, which ensures that they have the best physical properties. For this reason, our PVDF products won’t deteriorate easily, and boast the abrasion and corrosion resistance for which the material has become known.

Resistant to UV light

While some coating materials, like polyethylene for example, tend to weaken when exposed to UV radiation for extended periods of time, PVDF proves resistant to direct sunlight. The chemical bonds in the material remain intact, even when in direct sun, which means that it does not weaken and decay over time.

Surface strength

PVDF has a particularly hard surface. In fact, it is slightly harder than polypropylene.  As such, the material is hard enough to withstand abrasion, while still maintaining a good level of flexibility which allows it to absorb a certain level of impact. PVDF also has a high tensile strength, which means that it is relatively strong compared to most other fluoropolymers.

High heat resistance

PVDF can retain most of its strength even at extremely high temperatures and can withstand most high temperature sanitation and sterilisation processes. For this reason, it is often a popular choice for applications that would simply melt other materials.

What’s on offer?

At Altaflo, we offer two PVDF products: Altafluor 500 PVDF tubing and pipe; and Altafluor 550 PVDF Flex tubing. Our PVDF Flex (commonly known by the trade name KYNAR Flex) is a more flexible version of our standard PVDF tubing and is extremely resistant to many commonly used industrial fluids and gases, including ozone. Altafluor 550 Flex tubing doesn’t support the growth of fungi, so it is often the preferred choice when it comes to water disinfecting processes that involve ozone, such as pools, aquariums, spas, and agricultural purposes. It’s also a good option for applications that require exposure to less aggressive chemicals and lower temperature exposure. For more information about this product and its features, have a look here.

Our Altafluor 500 PVDF tubing and pipe, on the other hand, is the most abrasion and temperature resistant of the PVDF products currently available. It provides excellent mechanical strength in use with many chemicals and solvents and is a great option for use in ultra-pure water systems because of its extremely low extractable levels. For more information about this product and its features, have a look here.

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