What is Teflon®, and does Altaflo use it?

Teflon® was the name trademarked for a family of fluoropolymer products produced by E.I. Dupont Co.

How was Teflon® developed?

In 1938, Dr. Roy Plunkett was working on a project to develop a new form of refrigerants. While working to develop the refrigerants, a by-product was formed possessing a unique combination of characteristics. This amazing slippery material proved inert to most chemicals. The product was given the name polytetrafluoroethylene – more commonly referred to as: PTFE.

Initially, PTFE resins and dispersions were used in the formation of products for the military during WWII. In 1944 the name TEFLON® was trade-marked for this unique material. In the mid 1950’s, Dupont released PTFE resins for the commercial market resulting in a new series of PTFE tubing, pipe, rod & profile options.

Although TEFLON® PTFE had amazing properties, there were some limitations. In response to these limitations, DuPont developed a new form of TEFLON® called fluorinated-ethylene-propylene – more commonly referred to as: FEP. The visual clarity of the FEP material was superior to that of PTFE. The methods of producing products from FEP differed from that of PTFE making it preferable for specific products such as tubing and pipe extrusion & injection molding. However, tubing and pipe produced from FEP also had limitations. To combat these limitations later products were developed under the tradename of TEFLON®: PFA and HP PFA.

In October 2013, DuPont announced it’s intention to pursue a plan to separate certain of the assets and liabilities of DuPont’s Performance Chemicals segment, which includes it’s fluoroproduct, and other specific groups, from the rest of its businesses. The separation, which was finalized in 2015, created a new company called The Chemours Company (“Chemours”). Chemours is now in possession of the brand Teflon™.

When customers ask for Teflon – what are they really requesting?

When customers request a product listed as Teflon™, they may not be aware that there is a full family of products available under that heading. They may also not be aware that there are other producers of PTFE, FEP, PFA, HP PFA and UHP PFA resins. While these resins cannot “technically” be called TEFLON, they may possess the same, similar or superior properties – they are just produced by resin companies other than The Chemours Co.

Do I need Teflon™ for my application?

In order to determine the correct tubing or pipe product for your application, it is important to review the key properties of each fluoropolymer material against your application.

It is equally important to identify the grade of material offered by your supplier. Each resin grade has different performance values which may or may not make the tubing suitable for your specific application. Altaflo uses only the highest grades in each category to provide the best end-use performance values for your applications.

Does Altaflo use Teflon™?

Altaflo does not use Teflon™ or other Chemours resins. Teflon™ is a brand of the Chemours Company and available only to those licensed by Chemours to use the Teflon™ name. Teflon® was previously a tradename of the DuPont Company. Any reference to the Teflon™ name within our website is for educational purposes only. Nothing contained within the Altaflo website or other promotional materials is meant to imply that Altaflo uses Teflon™ or other Chemours or DuPont resins or produces any product that is called Teflon™.

All ALTAFLUOR® products are produced from PFOA FREE resins. We do not use any DuPont or Chemours fluoropolymer resins.

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