Custom pipe and tubing services

At Altaflo, we pride ourselves on putting the customer first. As such, we understand not everyone’s needs will be serviced by our standard range, and that’s why we offer custom services. Our custom tubing and piping solutions include:

  • (THV) Altafluor 300
  • (THVP) Altafluor 370
  • (ETFE) Altafluor 700
  • (ECTFE) Altafluor 800

For more information on these custom solutions, or to place an order, please contact us.

We also offer custom variations on all our standard products including:

Coiled Hose: All Altaflo products are available in coiled configurations. We will manufacture to your specifications. Download our coiled hose worksheet for ordering. Please contact our sales department to discuss specific details of your application.

Precision Cutting: We are pleased to offer precision cutting services on product under 1″. We use high speed rotary cutting equipment, designed for use with fluoropolymer materials, to insure straight, smooth, consistent cuts.

Custom Packaging: Product can be produced in a variety of length and packaging options. Please contact our sales department to discuss the specific details of your application.

Custom Assembly: We offer many custom assembly related services including but not limited to: heat forming, flaring, slitting and sub-assembly packaging.

Private Labeling: We respect the marketing strategies of our customers and as such offer private labeling services. We can manufacture and package to your specifications, including custom labeling, boxing or other requirements.

ALTAPAK™: For applications requiring the highest purity levels, we offer our exclusive ALTAPAK™ option. ALTAPAK™ provides surfactant cleaning, DI rinse & nitrogen purge all performed within a class 100 clean-room environment. This process is typically performed on High Purity PFA tubing or pipe but can be performed on other fluoropolymer products. Please contact our sales department for details.


Do you offer custom services?

Yes, absolutely! We know that not everyone’s needs will be serviced by our standard range. For this reason, we offer custom services for a range of our tubes and pipes. We are also able to manufacture coiled hoses to your exact specifications. Some of our other custom services include precision cutting, custom packaging, custom assembly and private labelling. We also offer surfactant cleaning, DI rinse and nitrogen purge, should you require it for any of your fluoropolymer products.

What cutting services do you offer?

We offer precision cutting services on any products under 1 inch. When performing our cutting services, we use high speed rotary cutting equipment, which is designed especially for use with fluoropolymer materials. By using this specialised equipment, we can ensure that our cuts are straight, smooth, and consistent every time.

Are you able to provide labels?

Yes. As one of our custom services, we offer private labelling services. We understand that each of our client’s marketing strategies are different, and for this reason, we are able to manufacture and package your product to your unique specifications. We create customised labels, as well as boxing and any other requirements you might have.

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