(UHP PFA) Dual Containment Altafluor 480

Dual Containment Tubing

ALTAFLUOR DC series dual containment tubing provides end users with an integrated fluid flow solution for critical processes where high purity and safety are primary concerns.

The inner tube, produced exclusively from 100% Virgin Daikin AP231SH UHP PFA resin, ensures the greatest overall performance in critical and aggressive applications. The outer tube, constructed of 100% Virgin grade FEP not only provides excellent clarity for visual inspection, but offers enhanced protection against product damage or personal injury from possible leaks that may occur during the chemical delivery process.

The Tube-in-Tube design does not introduce contaminants during the installation process and the ability to provide ALTAFLUOR Dual Containment Tubing in long continuous lengths reduces the need for excess connections thereby reducing the overall system cost.

ALTAFLO dual containment tubing UHP PFA – Tubing Key Properties:

  • Daikin AP-231SH UHP PFA Semi -F57 approved resin
  • Produced and packaged in a clean room environment
  • Ends capped – custom dual containment end caps
  • Extremely low extractable levels: metallic and organic
  • Excellent chemical resistance – (even with common Fluorosurfactants known to attack lower PFA grades)
  • Low permeability
  • Extremely smooth surface finish
  • Highest mechanical performance vs other PFA and HP PFA tubing products
  • Flex life comparable with PTFE
  • Laser marked for complete traceability
  • Flame resistant – fluoropolymers meet UL 94 VO

Custom Applications

  • Custom laser marking
  • Custom packaging: straight lengths, short cut-to-length parts
  • Private Labeling
  • Additional sizes and material selections available upon request

PACKAGING: Coils of 100 FT or less are packaged in heavy gauge anti-static bag heat-sealed inside heat-sealed heavy clear polybag. All ends capped. Longer lengths are provided on clean room compatible plastic reels wrapped in anti-static stretch-wrap.


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